About Our Company

Globalbiz Group is a progressive project management company that believes in changing the paradigm of the industry by adopting innovative technologies, benchmark quality, robust engineering and uncompromising business ethics.

It has teamed up with Municipal Corporations and Smart Cities Projects in India and has expertise in Specialty Infrastructure work especially in water and waste water area.

Our well experienced engineering team provide technological solutions to many areas including the following projects:   

Rehabilitation of Aged Sewer Pipe network in Indian Cities.

Globalbiz group promotes Trench-less Rehabilitation of aged sewer pipe network using MSWSL. This process does not require digging to remove old aged pipes to replace with the new pipes. We are associated with several technology providers across the world.

Trench-less Rehabilitation Technology is being used for Storm Water Drainage (SWD) network as well.

Trench-less Rehab technology can be used for smaller diameter like 150mm to large diameter up to 3000mm and even bigger than 3000mm.

Some of the Trench-less Technologies are Machine Wound Structural Lining (MWSL), Cured-in-Place Piping (CIPP) and others.

It can be done to round shaped aged pipes to elliptical old brick barrels.

It can be used for rectangular or square conduits or large culverts.

Conditions Assessment of Aged Water Pipe Network

Globalbiz group is involved in condition assessment of Potable Water Pipe Networks in several Cities through Municipal Corporations and Smart Cities, by using trenchless technology.

It is necessary to know the pipe conditions, to identify the future action to prevent failures.

It is also necessary to assess the longevity of pipes by doing frequent condition analysis.

Though this process we can find out the critical aspects of pipes at a given time like:

-Reduction of thickness,

-Danger of pitting

– Extents of corrosion.

We can also calculate the discharge of the aged pipes using our technology.

Leak Detection of Water Network

Globalbiz Group does leak detections using most modern trenchless technology for underground pipe network. This can be done to all diameters of pipe.

This technology is used for:

  • Potable water pipe network.
  • Sewerage rising mains.
  • Sewerage& Storm Water Drainage network.

We can also locate the old manholes and valve chambers of underground pipe networks.

We can not only determine the location of leaks but we can also find the leak rates.

We can also locate the aged untraced pipe network and develop a network drawing with very economical way with higher accuracy.

HSE Training for ‘Safe Working’ in Sewer Networks

Globalbiz group provide “safe working” Training inside the sewer manhole and an entry sewer pipes. Due to lack of training, workers have been entering into sewer manhole without required safety precautions, putting life into danger.

There have been several fatal accidents every day in India. Hence this ‘safe working’ Training in sewer network is very important for all related personnel in Municipal Corporation and JAL BOARDs and all working personnel of Sewerage contractors.

We issue Certificates to trained Personnel which is valid for two years. These Certificates are to be renewed within two years with the fresh training.

It is mandatory by Municipal Corporations for Sewerage Rehabilitation or Maintenance Contractor to train their personnel working on projects.

We provide training through well experience trainers.

It is being done in every part of India.


We also have overseas experienced trainers.biz

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