Rehabilitation of Aged Sewer Pipe network

Globalbiz Group Promotes Trenchless Rehabilitation of aged sewer pipe network using MSWSL. This process does not require digging to remove old aged pipes to replace with the new pipes. We are associated with several technology providers across the world.


Trenchless Rehabilitation Technology is being used for Storm Water Drainage (SWD) network as well.


Trenchless Rehab technology can be used for smaller diameter like 150mm to large diameter up to 3000mm and even bigger than 3000mm.


Some of the Trenchless Technologies are Machine Wound Structural Lining (MWSL), Cured-in-Place Piping (CIPP) and others.


It can be done to round shaped aged pipes to elliptical old brick barrels.

It can be used for rectangular or square conduits or large culverts