Training for ‘Safe Working’ in Sewer Networks

Globalbiz Management Services provide “safe working” Training inside the sewer manhole and an entry sewer pipes. Due to lack of training, workers have been entering into sewer manhole without required safety precautions, putting life into danger.


There have been several fatal accidents every day in India. Hence this ‘safe working’ Training in sewer network is very important for all related personnel in Municipal Corporation and JAL BOARDs and all working personnel of Sewerage contractors.


We issue Certificates to trained Personnel which is valid for two years. These Certificates are to be renewed within two years with the fresh training.


It is mandatory by Municipal Corporations for Sewerage Rehabilitation or Maintenance Contractor to train their personnel working on projects.


We provide training through well experience trainers.


It is being done in every part of India.


We also have overseas experienced trainers.